Creator & Grand Master Trainer Angie Eliaszewicz

“Get ready to EXCEED your limits with dance kickboxing fitness. A spectacular workout awaits, and Angiee’s contagious energy will make you smile as you punch, kick, and dance Get ready to sweat!”


MEET ANGIE ELIASZEWICZ, the creator of DKB, Former Celebrity Neuromuscular Therapist and Founder of the new fitness program DKB FIT ® Angie was born in Lima, Peru. She immigrated to the United States of America at the age of 11. She is an American Citizen currently living in Weston Florida  Graduated with a BBA in International Business/ Business Administration and a dual associates degree in Social science and Language arts from Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2004 she was nominated as one of the 3 best outstanding International business students on campus by her professor and mentor Dr. Edward Howell, former economist of President Ronald Reagan back in the 70’s. She attended Life University in Marrieta Georgia for the chiropractic program completing the life sciences courses. Her passion for dance and fitness started as a young child, becoming a fitness instructor at the age of 16 . Her curiosity personality in helping humanity lead her to become an outstanding Neuromuscular Therapist with over 24 years of experience. Her extensive knowledge of the human anatomy has helped her heal hundreds of people in the world. Angie’s patients had varied from
stay at home moms to the richest and famous in the United States of America, individuals such as Celebrities, recognized outstanding business leaders in the world , doctors, chiropractors, famous comedians, pro athletes such as the NFL players, NBA players and the Florida Marlins. At the age of 31 Angie gave birth to her second child leaving her with a traumatic hormonal imbalance that lasted 3 1/2 years . It cause her to have panic attacks, anxiety, severe depression, weight gain and more. She never gave up she continued fighting. Gradually she started going to the gym and participating in the fitness classes, soon she became a Zumba Instructor a year later she got certified as a Tae Bo® Instructor making history not only in her country of birth also for the whole continent of Latin America. She orginized the first Tae Bo ® certification camp, Masterclass and Tae Bo conference in Latin America bringing for the first time in history Fitness Guru and legend Grand Master Billy Blanks and his wife Tomoko Blanks. Currently she is launching her New Fitness Programs named BOXING RUNNERS and DKB FIT that are part of her company E FIT USA LLC FITNESS ACADEMY. DKB FIT stands for Dance Kickboxing Fit is a combination of basic Cardiokickboxing moves combined with basic Dance moves and Boxing Runners consist of running on a treadmill doing boxing and martial arts moves. Also the program has a nutrition and a motivational department. Angie always knew KNOWLEDGE IS POWER but knowledge about yourself is SELF EMPOWERMENT and that is the key of CHANGE and self advancement for humanity. Now you will be able to take Angie’s Dance Kickboxing classes at Olympia Gym, Miami FL.  well known to have the best Instructors in the world such as Beto Perez creator of zumba and others


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